Nominations for 2017-2018
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  • Participating schools propose lists of titles representing a range of interest and reading levels. Schools may invite students and teachers to nominate their favourite titles. The lists may include non-fiction and fiction.

Nomination Criteria
  • All titles for the 2017-2018 list must have a 2016-2018 copyright. If necessary, older titles will be considered at the SGIS Librarians' discretion.
  • If the book has been translated into English then the copyright date of the translated copy must be 2015-2017.
  • The Golden Cowbell Steering Committee will select 8 titles for every reading category.
  • 4 of these titles will have been nominated by students(if possible) and 4 by Librarians.
  • All titles must have been reviewed by at least one literary magazine.
  • eBooks can be nominated, but must also be available in print format.
  • Titles can be published in any of the Swiss national languages.
  • Titles in each category must represent the range of reading ability within those grades.
  • There will be three awards for each of the following categories: the Braunvieh (Lower Primary), the Évolène(Upper Primary), the Herens (Middle School). Students may choose which of the categories in which to read regardless of grade level.
  • All Nominated Titles Must be Placed on the Wiki No Later Than May 25!!!!!