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Herens Cattle are one of the smallest cattle breeds in Europe. Their fur is dark red to brown or black, with pied animals being very uncommon. Newborn calves are red with a dark stripe along the back, with the colours reversing as they grow.[2[[|]]] A distinguishing feature is the short and broad head, with a concave front line. The animals are very muscular, with both sexes sporting strong horns.
They are well adapted to pasture in alpine altitudes.
The Herens is well known for the high aggression of its females. In spring, cows and heifers are made to fight one against another in five weight classes in the local tradition of "cow fighting". The winners are sold for high prices. Today cow fights are a major tourist attraction in the Valais.
"Eringerkuh" by Irmgard - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
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